We have found a piece of land to purchase and to build residences for approximately 70 veterans, parolees and all men in need of a therapeutic sober living environment. Our ranch will also provide “forever” homes for rescued dogs and horses.

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Our volunteer programs are designed to give as much back as possible to our volunteers. You will find it rewarding and educational.

Here at Clear Skies Ranch animal rescue, we rely on our community's support. We thank you for your kind donations of time and money.

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"Clear Skies Ranch, turned my life around. I am now happily employed and living in my own apartment with my dog Skippy. Thank you for everything". - John U.


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  • Animal rescue
  • Animal rehabilitation
  • Sober living environment
  • Work schedule
  • Job training
  • Clothes for job interviews
  • Transport
  • Achievement grants
  • 12 step and other counseling

Their are many ways to help and donations are a wonderful gift. We accept cash, cars and our wish list items.

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