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       The beginning of a brighter future

Our Rainbow Bridge - click to see the loves who made our lives so happy.

Buddy looking out for our new foster "Sky".

This is Banana aka Nana or Ninny. She was dumped on our doorstep eight years ago by someone who believes that pets are disposable. We believe they are part of the family. 

These beautiful young ladies are "Honey" and "Gypsy". They were found in the Shasta Trinity National Forest next to their shot-dead parents. Luckily a friend happened to be working in this remote area and miraculously found them. They are currently at our facility, until they are ready to be adopted. They have brought such light to all our lives.


Our “Creature Collective” program is based upon the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals that offers mutually beneficial nurturing, love and care. Currently we have our rescue dogs in this program and will soon add equine therapy at our facility.

We believe strongly in animal therapy. We rescue dogs for our house members to love, learn unconditional love and responsibility. 

Clear Skies Ranch offers a safe haven for rescued animals. They are cared for and nurtured by our highly trained staff and residents that will in turn enjoy the benefits of animal therapy.

The residents are responsible for:

Chickens – Water, feed, clean coop, head count, collect eggs, check for diseases. Administer preventative health care.
Rabbits – Water, feed, clean cage.
Goats – Water, feed, clean enclosure
Dogs – Water, feed, pick up stools, wash, groom, bath, nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, breed specific grooming.

Canine Collective

Our residents will also have the opportunity to assist in our “Canine Collective” Program.

Based upon the training/teaching styles of Brandon McMillan and Jennifer Arnold we allow each participant to adopt a dog and learn to exercise, train and condition. This is an extension of many of the prison programs, where they can use what they have learned or new skills with their own dog. For those that are not yet able to have a dog of their own, their skills are used to rehabilitate dogs to shape more adoptable dogs.

Banana is an integral part of our family as a fabulous therapy dog for our residents. She is the most adorable little girl with a bubbly personality. She takes a while to like you, but once she does, it's all over....kisses.