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The beginning of a brighter future

Joey Robson - Board Member

Joey Robson left Australia for the United States in 1991. Since then she has been heavily involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry. While in Australia, she had several successful businesses and used what she had learned to good use in her own business in the States. After managing successful careers for over twenty years, Joey learned that she enjoyed developing young careers and nurturing young actors. She now works as a Talent Agent. Joey’s two younger children began working in the Entertainment industry in Australia and continued to have successful careers, under her management, in the States. She raised them herself as a single mother. Her eldest son joined them later and they are all happily married and have given her three grandchildren. Her constant companions have been her two Maltese Terriers, now aged 13 and almost 14 years old.

Qualifications:  business management and a nurturing heart.

Torina Yamada - Secretary

Torina grew up in Los Angeles with geese, rabbits, chickens and dogs. She has always been the one that her friends and family called for information or when they needed someone to rescue an animal. Her nickname is “Dr Dolittle” because all the animals love her. At 8, she started riding horses and has continued with her love of all things equine. Her love of all animals, took her to volunteer at VCA where she took care of small animals. After watching family members in gangs from suffer drug-related deaths, she would not take it anymore. When her brother-in-law started down the wrong path, she helped him access rehabilitation instead of jail. He then went on to conquer his addictions. Torina has worked in many capacities as an office manager, bookkeeper, property manager, childcare supervisor, laboratory technician and receptionist. It was her time working with a judge at Beverly Hills court which inspired her to continue her education after her psychology degree and is now studying law. Torina is looking forward to guiding Clear Skies Ranch, with her varied career experiences. Qualifications: Associate of Science - Psychology

Lorna Duff - Vice President

Lorna hails from the beautiful Napa Valley area in California. She has had a love of horses for as long as she can remember, and has a made a life for herself around that love. She started riding at a very young age and has continued throughout her life. In her teens, Lorna made her way to Hollywood to follow her passion for live music  and there started working in the entertainment industry where she was introduced to the party lifestyle. Growing bored of all the partying, Lorna went back to school and received her Associate of Science Degree in Equine Science from Pierce College in Woodland Hills. She used her own knowledge of horses along with her education to follow her dreams. Nowadays Lorna is the Owner/CEO of Starwood Riding Club in Sunland, California where she trains young riders in English riding. She not only loves to teach true horsemanship, but is also very proud when her young students achieve their goals at competitions. She believes that horsemanship is a discipline that enhances every aspect of your life. Lorna is super excited to be part of Clear Skies Ranch’s board and is ready to offer her advice and knowledge regarding all things horsey. She also has a great empathy for the plight of people that have been caught by the stronghold of addiction, witnessing it all too often amongst her acquaintances. Qualifications: Owner/CEO of Starwood Riding Club, Sunland, California Associate of Science – Equine Science

Our Board

Michael Coons - President

From Berkeley, California Michael spent his younger years in a popular band, Laaz Rockit where he had a taste of fame and all the excess that comes with it. After he left the music scene, Michael found himself relying more on alcohol than ever. Realizing he had a problem, Michael reached out to a friend and started on the road to recovery. During Michael’s time in twelve step programs, he found a way to give back and was soon, offering his services as a meeting facilitator. Nowadays Michael has established himself as a successful actor, enjoying success in his career and personal life. He would like to reach out to more people in the hope of showing them a better way to live and to help in any way he can towards the realization of the mission of Clear Skies Ranch .

John Uribe - Board Member

John is a Los Angeles native who has dedicated his life to education. He works as an instructor at Los Angeles Trade Tech where he teaches students of many demographics, but mostly of lower income communities. He has been employed by LACCD’s automotive department for 22 years. He loves teaching automotive and is an active member in the hotrod community, a hometrack NASCAR champion and has appeared on Monster Garage with Jesse James. John also has a passion for dogs and lives with his 3 dogs, Chili, Buddy and Holley. For the last few years, John has been teaching at Camp David Gonzalez, LA County Juvenile Facility, which he has found very fulfilling, especially when the students are released and then continue their education at Trade Tech. He sees that educating people, giving them work skills, enables them to get their lives back on track and rejoin the community. John has served as a board member for E-SOL, and is now thrilled to be part of Clear Skies Ranch board and hopes to guide the educational needs of the ranch. Qualifications: Professor of Automotive Technology at LATTC Educator at Camp David Gonzalez LA County Juvenile Facility Board Member of E-SOL, a California non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of children and adults with special needs with three campuses throughout the San Fernando Valley.

Ted Kerr - Board Member

Ted Kerr has seen it all. He was born in Sylmar into a family of renowned horsemen, where he grew up caring for horses and other farm animals. His lifelong passion has been music, playing guitar in many successful bands. He worked in the entertainment industry as a teamster and crane operator for many years until his world fell apart. When his marriage failed, he struggled with the pain of losing his children and turned to a life of drugs, losing his job and family. For five years he struggled with addiction, hitting rock bottom, and being incarcerated many times. During his last sentencing the judge saw fit to admit Ted into a rehabilitation center, Ammity House. Whilst there, Ted learned how to live without substance abuse and how to live a life of fulfillment and family. After leaving Ammity House, the sober living house he lived in Reseda for 6 months served to assimilate him back into society, helping him get back on his feet. Nowadays, Ted is back working for the studios, playing guitar and has an active role in his children’s lives. He wants to be a part of Clear Skies Ranch as it is a great way to give back to the community and to help those in similar circumstances as him.

Qualifications: Crane Operator for movie studios,  Life experience.

Cindy Kraus - Board Member

Cindy is a native of California, growing up in rural Ramona, where she had a wonderful childhood with many farm animals as pets. When she reached her 20’s Cindy moved up to Hollywood to pursue a career in entertainment. During this time she became addicted to drugs. After the help of her supportive, nurturing family and friends, she made the decision to turn her life around and traveled the journey through recovery. In that time, she lived in several different sober living homes and found the structure they offered to be an essential part of her recovery. Cindy discovered that the best home for her was the one with strict enforcement of zero tolerance policy, more space and one gender and now would like to see more of these types of homes available for recovering addicts. Cindy has recently completed her education with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Television and Arts – Electronic Media Management. She hopes to use her life experience as well as her education to help steer Clear Skies Ranch in their mission to reach people in need of a sober living environment and also for the neglected animals that she would see during her days as a volunteer at an animal shelter.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Television and Arts – Electronic Media Management Volunteer at Mt Shasta Animal Shelter

Thomas Martinez - Treasurer

Tom moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago from Albuquerque and has been working in the entertainment industry in finance for the majority of that time. Tom is currently happily working at Pie Town Productions as the Director of Finance. In his spare time he likes to play kickball and is on the board of his kickball association. Tom saw first-hand, the effect of addiction on not only the addict, but the people around them, when his marriage ended due to his wife’s addiction and her lack of desire to recover. As a director of finance, Tom feels that his role on the board of Clear Skies Ranch as Treasurer will benefit many people and animals that are in need and is pleased to be of service to this cause. Qualifications: Certified Practicing Accountant