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       The beginning of a brighter future

   Cars  for  Love

     Are  you wondering how you can give back?
    Our country is full of unwanted animals and we have a
    problem with people incarcerated at an alarming rate
    with no hope of returning to a normal life. 
    At Clear Skies Ranch, we offer sober-living with a
    difference. With the help of our rescue animals, we teach
    our residents work skills and help them with their 
   integration back into society.
   Are you ready to make a difference?

 Quick and easy  Car Donation

Get the highest possible tax write-off for your car

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We gladly accept donations such as:

• Auto Donation

• Van Donation

• SUV Donation

• Vehicle Donation

• Truck Donation

• Boat Donation

• Jet Ski Donation

• Snowmobile Donation

• Trailer Donation

• Motorcycle Donation

• Motorhome Donation

• Automobile Donation

• RV Donation

• Forklift Donation

• Tractor Donation

• Heavy Equipment Donation

Do you have a car taking up space?

Why not donate it to Clear Skies Ranch?

*   Making a donation takes less than 5 minutes

*   Pick up the phone and call us

*   Your car can be picked up in 24 hrs.

*   We take your car running or not

*   We help with all title and paperwork

*   Get the highest possible tax deduction

*   With the whole donation going directly to Clear Skies Ranch

*   Help us save animal's lives 

*   Help us provide a home back into society for our residents