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This week we are focusing on the largest portion of your energy bill.  With around half of your energy bill being spent on your heating and cooling, we have some tips for you to reduce your bills by about 30%.

Pledge to Save Energy LA with these easy and simple tips to be more energy efficient:

  • Change your light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs.
  • Make the most of the sunshine before hitting the lights.
  • Set your AC to 78°F to get your energy use down and stay comfortable.
  • Plug your electronics into a power strip so it’s easy to switch off when not in use.
  • Wash your clothes with cold water to save energy and money.
  • Move furniture away from vents and let the cool air flow.
  • Set your fridge to 35-38°F for maximum energy savings.

Now go to the link above and join us in pledging to save energy. 

Each week we will be sharing our favorite energy saving tips with you. Please keep checking back here for more ideas for your household.

Clear Skies Ranch is offering FREE Home Energy Efficiency Workshops for all members of the Sober Living Coalition.