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The Partnership For Re-Entry Program (PREP) is a Restorative Justice ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The goals of the program are to transform the individual to become productive members of society, reducing the populations of our jails and prisons to help lessen the financial burden on taxpayers, while making our community safer and stronger.

A big thanks to LADWP who are funding Clear Skies Ranch to provide FREE Home Energy Efficiency Workshops to all members of the Sober Living Coalition. You can find great savings at their website.

We work closely with this great organization. They save the amazing dogs who get overlooked, or need a little extra work or care...the magical unicorns!

Lending a Healing Hand to Pets of the Homeless.

They offer spay & neuter services for cats and dogs for free if in the service area or only $10 copay .

Their vision is to ensure that spay, neuter and veterinary wellness services are affordable and accessible to all pet owners in the Los Angeles area and to create an environment in which animal shelters no longer rely on euthanizing animals as a way of controlling pet population. SNP LA has spayed and neutered over 100,000 cats and dogs — preventing millions of animals from being born into homelessness.

They use Thoroughbred babies, racers, and rescues to explain how foundation skills are the cornerstone for maturing a horse. When taught these skills early in life, a Thoroughbred has many career options, not just racing.

Friends of Clear Skies Ranch

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