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       The beginning of a brighter future


Not just recovery housing, but a new way of life. With an emphasis on healthy living and strong work skills, we support you in your recovery. Here you are able to transition to the life you want and deserve while being emotionally supported by our experienced management along your personal journey. Our Stagg house supports the 12-step principles as well as SMART  recovery and other resources.  You will be encouraged and empowered by a family of men and staff who are engaged in fostering a healthy and fun lifestyle of recovery.  If you are serious about sobriety, the Stagg house is ready to inspire you to get back on your feet.  You will be impassioned and encouraged while you search for employment, sort financial issues, and get back to health and wellness. Stagg will engage you in positive social sober activities. 

 We offer a number of specialized programs for our residents:

  • ​​“Creature Collective” – program based upon the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals that                                                          offers mutually beneficial nurturing, love and care. Currently we have our rescue dogs in this program.
  • “Back In Life” -  a vocational workshop program that assists our participants with everything they need to                                                            obtain a job. We help with resumes, clothes, interviews and transportation. We also partner with Chrysalis                                                             and Worksource for job resources.
  • “Nature to Nourish” – a nutritional program where we encourage our participants to eat healthy and teach                                                           them about nutrition through our own vegetable gardens and fruit trees as well as with our Foodbank LA                                                     affiliation. We also teach them about composting.               
  • “SMART Recovery” – an evidence based support group that we host for the community at our homes.
  • “Fresh Start” – a start-up business program where we guide and assist with fiscal needs to start up a small business. 
  • “Straight Ahead” -  An incentive program whereby Clear Skies Ranch will help participants reach their goal of                                                      buying a car by matching their savings.
  • “No Butts” – we encourage use of The California Smoker’s Helpline as we believe the proliferation of smoking in recovery is unacceptable. Nicotine kills more people annually than all the other drugs combined.
  • “Freedom Fusion” – a collaboration of musicians who empower our participants and support them through the power of music to heal.                                                                                                    

Other support we provide:

  • We can help with transport to - Medical appointments, Court, Parole officers, Child Support,  DMV, Attorneys etc 
  • Recreational facilities include Basketball half court, Table tennis, Gym, and BBQ area.    
  • Social Events Saturday night family socials featuring, BBQs, Outdoor movie nights, Game nights, talent shows, Sunday family days.
  • Field Trips - Beach – surfing lessons, Basketball games – Clippers and Lakers, Baseball games – Dodgers, Community Service – animal shelters, Wildlife Waystation, Outdoor concerts – Warner Center, Woodland Hills, Aquarium of the Pacific,  Museums – Peterson Car Museum,  Bowling,  Lake Trips, Amusement Parks,  Water Parks , Movies, Local Fairs , Plays and Festivals
  • We also offer support when leaving our home, with grants, cars and a dog all as incentives and to help our residents return to their communities, a whole functioning person.