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Eddie Keels - Recovery Support Manager

Tyler Melville - Managing Director

Eddie was raised by a single mother in South Central Los Angeles, along with his older brother. At an early age, the street gangs became his family and soon he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. His addiction led to being incarcerated several times. In his late 30s he finally had enough of  the revolving door, going in and out of prison due to his drug and alcohol addiction. He decided to turn his life around and to dedicate his life to his children. He called upon recovery support from mentors and other like-minded people recovering from addiction whilst in prison and upon his release.

Eddie's zen demeanor helps our residents overcome their issues with a strong  and calm perspective. He is always their for them to share his journey and how he found a better path.


Gabrielle Melville - Executive Director

Gabrielle has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years in many capacities mostly as a makeup artist but also in office management. In this time she has witnessed the ups and downs that artists in the industry experience and has seen many fallen souls consumed by drugs and alcohol. She has first-hand experience with a family member being incarcerated multiple times caused by drug addiction. After 5 helpless years watching someone she cared for destroy his life, she then watched the transformation that occurred from the family member finally being put into court ordered rehabilitation. After his rehabilitation she saw that the sober living environment was a necessary part of the process of assimilating back into the community. She also saw the need for assistance along the way to enable a person in recovery  to sort out their lives in many ways including, education, vocational guidance, parole officer visits, child support visits etc. Now she wants to use her love of and experience with animals, to help people in need of a sober living environment. Her philosophy is that with hard work and a renewal of the joy of living, people can learn to live a fulfilling, enriched life with their families and community. Purpose, Connection, Passion!!!

Qualifications:      CATCi, Registered Veterinary Technician, BS Business Management

Skills:                      Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Office Management - Non-profit, Grantwriting, Vocational Guidance,

                                Veterinary Technology, Makeup Artist